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Missions Sponsors
The following businesses provided significant support for our 2010 & 2011 Mission efforts

Nationwide Construction, Inc.

Nationwide Construction, Inc.

Nationwide Construction, Inc. is located in Louisville, KY and they specialize in commercial modular construction and remodel work.  They also are involved in new construction, decks, and concrete work.   

Nationwide and company owner, Jimmy Jones have generously supported Wings Like Eagles and our construction efforts ever since 2010 by providing equipment, trailers, and material to facilitate our trailer improvement projects.  Jimmy's dad, Jim has been instrumental in the completion of these many, significant projects at Pine Ridge and has participated in trips in 2010, 2011 and 2012.


Walgreens has been providing pharmaceutical supplies, products, and perscriptions since opening their first store in Chicago in 1893.  They grew from that one, small store into a worldwide chain that would eventually expand into many areas of business.  Today, they operate over 7,000 stores worldwide.   

Specifically for Wings Like Eagles, the Louisville area stores agreed to provde donated or wholesale-priced products to support the families at Pine Ridge and our ongoing healthcare efforts there.  These products included first aid kits, band-aids, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, glucometers, lotion, and many other items.  The effort by Walgreens Pharmacist Chris Killmeier to acquire these donations is much appreciated.  Chris is one of our own and he and his family used their vacation time this summer to work for Wings Like Eagles at Pine Ridge.  Thank you so much Killmeiers and Walgreens!

Bethlehem Baptist Church ~ Louisville, KY

Bethlehem Baptist Church serves the Louisville, KY community on Preston Highway.  They are certainly a mission-minded church and they proactively support mission efforts across the globe.   

The members and staff at BBC were active in gathering much-needed supplies for the Block Parties and boxes of donated items for our June Mission efforts.  Individuals within the church have also been quite generous with their monetary donations to fund some of the many expenses associated with this effort.

Yellow Creek Baptist Church ~ Owensboro, KY

Yellow Creek Baptist has been a worship leader in the Owensboro community for decades.  Their excellent staff, well-organized programs, top-notch facilities, and standard-setting support of Mission and ministry efforts across our globe all provide the community with an optimal opportunity for worship and Christian fellowship. 

The Senior Adult Ministry of YCBC expended significant efforts to collect coats, supplies, and Block Party items to specifically support our trips.  Additionally, several highly skilled individuals from this church have participated in multiple mission efforts with us at their own expense.  They have also provided excellent tools and equipment to help us accomplish our very aggressive construction goals.   

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Oglala Sioux Tribe Partnership for Housing

The OST Parnership was founded during the Bill Clinton era when the latest government push for improvement on the Pine Ridge Reservation took place.  This non-profit organization was founded to direct funds to individuals to encourage home maintenance and home / property ownership. 

Pinky Clifford is the Executive Director of this program and she is actively supportive of many groups, faith-based efforts, and non-profit corporations (such as Wings Like Eagles).  The OST provides coordination and follow-up assistance with many identified construction needs for our trips and they partner with WLE Block Party-type of events to provide many needed items to give to the community.

C&I Engineering, Inc.

C&I Engineering is the region's leading engineering firm and has been in business for 28 years.  They serve a wide-variety of international clients, primarily in the petroleum refining markets. 

C&I has been a generous and willing partner in a multitude of humanitarian efforts over the years and they provide continual support for Wings Like Eagles, whether through direct efforts such as the healthy living program fundraiser or the indirect support of Associates.  Specific donations have included safety glasses and hearing protection for individuals to ensure safe work during our construction efforts. 

Home Depot

Home Depot

For many of our trips, we have a primary focus of construction projects, Block Parties, humanitarian efforts, and healthcare.  Due to a limited budget, we often need additional financial assistance to purchase the necessary supplies, materials, tools, and safety gear to facilitate these many construction projects.   

Home Depot - Louisville stores often dontates several $25 gift cards for our group to use to purchase supplies, safety glasses and work gloves to ensure the safety of our participants.     

Murry's Heating & Air

Murry's Heating and Air ~ Louisville, KY

Murry's has been in business in the Louisville area for over 30 years and they offer a full range of home heating and air conditioning services.

Murry and his entire family have always been gracious in sharing their business success with the community, with their church family, and on multiple occassions for mission efforts.  Specifically, for this trip Murry's donated the use of a 5x8 covered trailer to haul tools, equipment, and material over 3,600 miles to accomplish these mission goals.

Southern Graphic Systems

Southern Graphic Systems is a proven leader with over 60 years of experience in the Consumer Product and Retail Branding  market.  They offer services including package design, prepress, imaging, and management of brand development and execution.

Mark's Feedstore

Mark's Feedstore got its start many years ago in an old farm supply / feed store in Middletown, KY.  Mark's has been providing delicious Kentucky barbequed ribs, sandwiches, and various side items for decades now and is currently serving greater Louisville in (4) locations. 

Mark's sponsors a Charity Feed Day quite often for local charities and they offered to sponsor Wings Like Eagles on Thursday, 10/28 at their Highlands area location.  Mark's donated 15% of the total bill for all patrons and friends of WLE who presented a voucher for lunch, dinner, and carry-out all day on 10/28.  Over (100) people participated and WLE raised over $200.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church ~ Owensboro, KY

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is located on State Route 56 in Owensboro and has been serving the community there since 1835!  This church family values the tradition that accompanies such a long history of service, but they are also a proactive and progressive church family in their efforts to share the love of Christ across their city, their state, and the world. 

Pleasant Grove Minister of Music and Children, David Rodgers recently focused the mission attention from Vacation Bible School 2010 on the Wings Like Eagles ministry and tied it into the western theme of this year's VBS.  This mission focus generated a huge amount of donated goods, handmade items, and funds to accomplish Back to School ministry efforts on the Reservation and additional ministry in the future. 

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Wounded Knee District School

This school serves the community of Manderson and offers an excellent facility to educate K-8.  Principal Whitewolf works diligently to provide a program of education for the area children, including additional efforts to offer summer educational programs for those who need additional work. 

WKDS has allowed Wings Like Eagles to utilize the facilities for our Manderson Block Party and coordinated these many activities with us including the use of restrooms, the use of additional tables and chairs, and the use of electricity for our inflatable and food equipment.   



Lowe's is an excellent provider of lumber and construction materials for Louisville area Contractors and Homeowners alike.  Some of our trip participants have an excellent history of work with Lowe's for their business construction needs and they called on Lowe's again for this trip to provide lumber for our many construction projects.  Additionally, Lowe's provided an excellent price for this lumber and for a small tiller, which we intended to donate to the Singing Horse Trading Post at the end of our trip.     

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Bette's Kitchen

Bette and her family are descendants of the well-known Lakota elder and author, Black Elk.  She operates a restaurant on their family land along the White Butte area between Manderson and Wounded Knee.  Her restaurant is certainly capable of providing meals for group efforts of any type.

In addition to providing excellent food options, Bette's daughter, Heather produces very beautiful and unique bracelets.  She developed her skills through a variety of art classes at Red Cloud Indian School and she provided the bracelets for our group this summer.  She offers a wide selection of choices and custom-made designs.