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Positive Efforts
There are currently many areas of Positive Effort in and around Manderson, Wounded Knee, and Pine Ridge.  This organization intends to support the on-going efforts of these fine organizations.

Pinky's Store

Pinky's Store and Laundromat serves as the social centerpiece for the town of Manderson, SD.  Pinky Clifford operates this store along with her family, friends, and a supporting network of local employees.  The existence of this store in this community is vital to the survival and success of this town as families acquire needed supplies, groceries, and an encouraging word on a daily basis.

Oglala Lakota Sioux Partnership for Housing

The Oglala Lakota Sioux Partnership for Housing works with the residents of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to provide homeownership opportunities.  This organization addresses the Reservation housing shortage, develops the capacity to assist Tribal members find affordable, decent, and safe housing, and it works with public and private agencies to develop this housing. 

Singing Horse Trading Post & Bed and Breakfast

Rosie operates this facility just 6 miles north of Manderson on BIA Highway 33.  The Trading Post features fine quality Native American art, jewelry, leather, beading supplies, Star quilts, Pendelton blankets and gifts from the Northern Plains.  This Trading Post is the largest supplier of raw material for the Lakota arts and crafts industry on the Pine Ridge Reservation.   See the Link to their website on our Links tab.

Red Cloud Indian School

This school in Pine Ridge is the crown jewel on the Reservation.  The Catholic Church established this school at the request of the great Lakota Chief Red Cloud.  This school educates children from Kindergarten through the 12th grade and has established a 98% ratio of college-bound graduates.  This school competes on a national level in sports and academics and receives an amazing allotment of Gates Scholarship recipients each year.   See the Link to their website on our Links tab.

Wounded Knee District School

As in the case in many communities across the Reservation, this District School is definitely a bright spot in the community of Manderson.  The school is well-run, well-maintained and boasts of an assortment of excellent teachers, many of whom have been teaching here for over 20 years.  The school educates local children from Kindergarten through 8th grade and also does its part in the community by hosting community and family events on the property and in the school facility.  As of 2009, a new playground gleams in the back of the school. 


This organization was formed many years ago with a single mission effort to Manderson, SD on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Ideas were developed sitting in Pinky's store on a wet afternoon.  Since that day, tens of thousands of "summer missionaries" have traveled to a multitude of sites across the United States and beyond telling others about Christ and sharing his love through Children's clubs and manual labor.   See the Link to their website on our Links tab.

St. Agnes Catholic Church

This church is located in the center of Manderson and provides continuous encouragement in this community with the well-kept facilities and constant presence here.  The priest and parishoners are active in the community with a focus on young and older alike through appropriate homilies and fundraisers to support every aspect of this community.



Oglala Lakota College

This college system provides an excellent facility for learning in each district of the Reservation.  Students of all ages can attend to finalize their GED accredidation, as necessary and/or take college level classes to work toward a degree.  Class credits can transfer from one district facility to another to simplify and streamline the attendance possibilities. 

Bette's Kitchen

Bette and her family are descendants of the well-known Lakota elder and author, Black Elk.  She operates this restaurant in her own home along the road between Manderson and Wounded Knee in the White Butte area.  Hours of Operation may vary, so reservations are recommended.

She provides a full-range menu for individuals, families, and groups and she creats many delicious food options in an area where options are minimal.  Her Buffalo Burgers are excellent! 

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