Wings Like Eagles, Inc.
...on Mission until the First are no longer last
        Wings Like Eagles, Inc.
   a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and a Non-Profit Corporation established to assist the Oglala Lakota Sioux Residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota


  240: number of "missionaries" who have traveled to Pine Ridge with WLE  

  119,000number of pounds of delivered materials, supplies, gifts, toys, appliances, and food items

693,000: number of miles traveled in ministry

$240,000dollars raised for the people at Pine Ridge in the past 5 years

22: number of mission trips to the Reservation in the past 5 years     

Why Help? 

Our First Nation now ranks Last in so many ways

Most of the poorest counties in the US are on Indian Reservations

You have a chance to rectify a travesty from our past

Your support is desperately needed ~ right here in America!


  what we do...:

This organization focuses on the Pine Ridge Reservation because this area is economically challenged and is not "convenient" for tourists and visitors.  Many believe that Native Americans are "casino rich" or are all alcoholics.  Neither of these things are true, especially at Pine Ridge.  The Oglala Lakota Sioux residents on this Reservation do have issues (see the note below about Shocking Statistics), but they are an honorable people who love their families, have a great sense of humor, and are proud of their ancestors and the rich culture they once enjoyed.  This Charity intends to provide physical assistance where needed as we help bridge the gap between current conditions and the full implementation of that former, self-sustaining rich culture.

These fine people have self-respect and they value highly the (4) Lakota Values of Generosity (Wacantognaka), Courage (Woohitika), Respect (Wowacintanka), and Wisdom (Woksape) among their many other cultural qualities and rich history.  If you feel led, you could help us as we assist the Lakota people in reaching their goals of self-reliance.     

 (To read some Shocking Statistics about the Reservation, please visit our "Reservation History" page on this website).  SEE ALSO SOME POSITIVE EFFORTS currently being implemented by visiting our "Positive Efforts" page on this website.

Our Vision:

To Renew Hope in the Lives of the Lakota Residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation and to Reflect the Love of Christ by:

  • Improving physical living conditions
  • Supporting local schools, businesses and existing charitable organizations
  • Sponsoring events to encourage a positive outlook among children and adults
  • Encouraging and promoting the provision of goods and services from individuals, businesses, and corporations alike. 

Our Mission:

To remain on mission until the First are no longer Last

 Our Values:

  • Humility ~ an ability to eagerly serve the poorest people group in the Western Hemisphere 
  • Respect ~ A deep appreciation for native culture and a desire to further understand it through Relationships
  • Service ~ ALL efforts are externally focused on the people, not internally for this organization
  • Woyuonihan ~ The ancient Lakota term of deep honor & repsect for all things since God is found in all things

This summer, we completed an amazing Ministry effort during our annual Summer Mission Effort. Read about details on the Lakota Missions 2014 Page

For trip photos, click on the picture below: 

 what YOU can do...: 

 Make yourself aware of this and other desperate situations around our country and our world

  • Reach out a hand of assistance where you feel the need to do so, not just with this Organization
  • Pray and Do.  Pray for these people, but also take action!
  • Consider a donation and Click below to contribute through Paypal or mail to our address on the Contacts page of this website.  Funds are always needed.  At this time, 100% of the proceeds from our fundraising efforts are used to directly benefit the children and families at Pine Ridge.  As noted above, ALL donations are tax-deductible.


Click Here to support our upcoming December trip to deliver an entire box truck full of 8,000 pounds of winter clothing, toys, shoebox Christmas gifts, handmade quilts, and household items:

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Wanbli Hupahu Eyececa

 the repair of the Wounded Knee Burial site entrance and signage, as well as the revitalization of this historic area.  Voting began on August 01, 2011 and will last through 11:59pm on August 31.  Current Efforts 

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