Wings Like Eagles, Inc.
...on Mission until the First are no longer last
Goals & Needs

...they are precious in His sight

      It is said that (3) earthly things are necessary to find Happiness ~ someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to. The Lakota people are a loving people and there is no shortage of love as they raise their children and look out for their neighbors. However, the culture imposed upon them has caused an isolation which limits options for work and virtually eliminates leisure activities. With a shortened life expectancy, miserable living conditions, minimal work opportunities, and disease and alcoholism looming as a virtual certainty, it is no wonder that these fine people at times seem to have nothing to look forward to. 
      This Charitable Organization intends to build upon the past acceptance of Christianity in this area, which was primarily due to early and heroic efforts by Jesuit Priests and the Catholic church. Certainly, the words of Isaiah 40:31 provide the basis of our belief as we attempt to assist as we are called.  We believe that…
“…those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. 
They will mount up on Wings Like Eagles….”
      We believe in order to enhance a “heavenly Hope,” we first need to provide some physical Hope. This organization, with your help, can begin to provide this Hope and to improve this situation one family and one community at a time through work trips, donated goods, children’s activities, and through the building of awareness of this tremendous need. 
      We have a third-world situation right here in our own country. I’m sure you will do your part in helping us rectify this travesty of the past.

Mount Up!

Current & Specific Needs


  • We have now shipped and/or delivered over 42,000 pounds of lumber, building supplies, Block Party supplies, new clothes, gently used coats, heaters, gifts, and household items to benefit multiple communities on the Reservation.
    • We often are in need of Construction supplies and
    • Donations to facilitate postage, electricity & propane payments for area individuals, and travel costs.     

    Please consider mailing a tax-deductible donation of $5 or $10 to our PO Box to help meet these legitimate needs. 

     ALL Funds will be utilized to provide:

    • Heat for homes
    • Construction effort & supplies
    • Clothing and school supplies for children
    • Christmas gifts
    • Activities for children
    • HOPE

    Serving a First Class Culture in Third World Conditions

    Wings Like Eagles, Inc / PO Box 99505 / Jeffersontown, KY 40269-0505