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Recent Activity

 We recently completed our the Fourth Annual Wings Like Eagles Trivia Night which took place on Friday, May 30, 2014. This event consisted of (10) rounds of trivia questions for team competition. We auctioned themed-baskets between trivia rounds and the event also included some Lakota-style concessions like Buffalo Burgers. Please click on the link below for more details on our Facebook page:


We also recently completed the Third Annual Soaring Eagles 3on3 Hoopfest and raised over $1,600 thanks to all of our faithful volunteers!


In December, our volunteers completed our 2013 Christmas Trip during which we delivered an overloaded U-haul box truck with over 8,000 pounds of shoebox Christmas gifts, handmade quilts, toys, and winter gear for the people of Manderson and Wounded Knee. Our volunteers also accomplished a Community Feed event at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Manderson for over (300) local residents.


September Back to School Efforts:   

ABC 20/20 Special ~ "Children of the Plains":

ABC aired a Special on Friday, 10/14 at 10pm EDT hosted by Diane Sawyer  about the families and children on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  This special covers family life in the areas where WLE ministers regularly.  Click on the link below to view footage of this excellent program. 

Soaring Eagles 3 on 3 Hoopfest:

The first Annual 3 on 3 Hoopfest was held on Friday, 11/18 - Saturday, 11/19/11 at Bethlehem Baptist in Louisville.  This event consisted of several local teams and some players from out of town.  Games to seed the teams were played on Friday night and the double-elimination tournament was completed on Saturday.  Many volunteers and friends of WLE made this event possible and it was a HUGE success!   

Each Fall, we conduct a Back-To-School / Construction trip during which we complete small projects, deliver school supplies and take dozens of children shopping for school clothes, shoes, and other desperately needed items

 ABABC 20/20 Special ~ "Children of the Plains":

ABC aired a Special on Friday, 10/14 at 10pm EDT hosted by Diane Sawyer  about the families and children on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  This special covers family life in the areas where WLE ministers regularly.  Click on the link below to view footage of this excellent program. 


Categories of Need Fundraiser Effort:  Cate

 Categories of Need Fundraiser: 

 Wings Like Eagles is currently pursuing donations to support ministry efforts in (4) Categories of Need.  Wings is offering a Lakota Missions 2011 T-shirt for commitments of $20/month for 1 year or a 1 time donation of $200.  These categories include the Wounded Knee Burial Site project, the upcoming Christmas construction and humanitarian trip, local industrious efforts, and family sponsorship.    

See the 3rd Quarter 2011 newsletter for more information in each of these categories.     

Pepsi Refresh Project:

Wings Like Eagles submitted a project idea to the Pepsi Refresh Program and competed in the $25,000 category for a proposed project to replace the existing Wounded Knee Burial site entrance and to refurbish the area signage and other portions of this world-famous site.  This idea competed in the Communities category throughout the month of August, 2011 and finished in 61st place out of 150 or so project proposals.  The top 10 projects received funding from Pepsi.   the repair of the Wounded Knee Burial site entrance and signage, as well as the revitalization of this historic area.  Voting began on August 01, 2011 and will last through 11:59pm on August 31.   

Lakota Missions 2011:

We recently returned from a very successful construction / healthcare trip to the Reservation.  Please read all about our efforts on the Lakota Missions 2011 page on this Website!   

Trivia Night:

WLE conducted a Trivia Night fundraiser in April to assist with the upcoming June Construction costs.  This night consisted of a Trivia competition for approximately (15) teams of 8-10 participants each.  Each team worked together to answer (10) questions in (9) separate rounds.  Questions varied across a wide range of topics and points were awarded for correct answers.  Bonus points were also available for random questions and the themed decoration of tables.  We auctioned several themed baskets of gifts, gift cards, and donated products from area businesses between rounds.  We also auctioned several delicious homemade desserts!  We topped that all off by serving concessions, buffalo burgers, and several delicious varieties of Mrs. Kara's Indian Fry Bread!  Even if we didn't raise any money it would have been a blast, but on top of all of our fun, we also raised over $5,000!  

March Trip:

WLE traveled to the Reservation again in March to accomplish further project planning, to assist with sponsored-family needs, and to coordinate housing for our upcoming June Mission efforts.     

January Trip:

WLE made our first 2011 trip to the Reservation on the last weekend in January.  We were very fortunate to sandwich this effort between (2) major winter weather events with temperature well below zero.  We actually had decent weather and minimal issues with travel and flights.  During this trip, we were able to begin the groundwork for Healthcare efforts and support for the future, plan several construction projects for June, assist with distribution of donated bread and bakery products, deliver much needed items to our sponsored families, and meet the electricity and propane needs of several additional families. 

See our Notes on Facebook for all the details! 

Thank you SGS!

 Our friends at Southern Graphic Systems, headquartered in Louisville, recently sponsored a Penny War fundraiser event.  During these activities, teams within the organization competed for a Charity of their choosing.  After a heated competition for several weeks, the team of Penny Warriors representing Wings Like Eagles came out victorious and were awarded the entire amount collected.  In total, Southern Graphic Systems collected over $2,800 to donate to Wings Like Eagles!  Due to recent trips and the purchase of Christmas gifts for several families, WLE funds were running quite low and the timing of this event could not have been better!  This will give us a great jump-start into 2011. Thank you so much, SGS!  

Thanksgiving Trip:

WLE traveled to the Reservation the weekend before Thanksgiving to deliver over 1,000 pounds of handmade quilts, coats, toys, books, stuffed animals, and (220) Shoebox Christmas gifts to the towns of Manderson, Wounded Knee, and Porcupine, SD.  The hard workers at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Louisville and Temple Baptist Church in Sullivan, MO deserve much credit for creating and donating these Shoebox gifts!  Originally, this travel effort was to take place on Thanksgiving weekend, but travel costs that weekend are elevated due to the holiday and the savings we saw by travelling sooner is now being used for more pressing needs like electricity and propane for our sponsored families.  Since returning on 11/22/10, propane has been purchased for (3) families and beading material has been purchased for others to allow them to make a living with Lakota jewelry.

Charity Feed Day at Mark's Feedstore (Louisville):

Mark's Feedstore Barbeque Restaurant in Louisville recently sponsored a Charity Feed Day for WLE.  Mark's donated 15% of the total bill for Customers who turned in a voucher with their regularly-priced meal for lunch, dinner, or carry-out for the entire day on 10/28/10.  Over (100) guests participated at Mark's and WLE raised nearly $200.

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