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...on Mission until the First are no longer last
About Us

The Start of Wings Like Eagles

     My name is Ray Roberson.  It seems that I was born with a love of Native Americans.  This love grew over the years and was propagated somewhat by my experiences in the Boys Scouts of America.   Rumor has it that I also have some Native American heritage.  I hope that is true, but haven't confirmed it.  

     I am a full-time engineer and served as a part-time Youth Pastor for the better part of 12 years.  I've had the privilege of serving on over (35) Mission Trips over the years and the opportunity to serve many different people groups and needs.  God is now allowing me the privilege to develop and lead this ministry effort at Pine Ridge.  I love the Lakota people and I care for them deeply, and it is very hard not to allow the frustration of their situation to overwhelm my thoughts. 

     God called me and my family to start this Non-Profit Corporation to assist these people.  This start-up corporation has now grown into an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) Public Charity.  I have no idea what will occur in the future, how much money and effort we can generate, or how far this will go.  I was called to start the effort, but God will drive from here.  Sometimes, it seems pointless to try to help when the need is so immense and desperate.  There are already several excellent organizations working at Pine Ridge and for Native American Reservations in general.  It would be quite easy to rationalize and say that (1) more small effort won't help either.  However, I am reminded of a story from my childhood.  Ten of my friends were trying to push a stranger's car out of an icy, snow-covered ditch during a snow-day off from school.  I happened to walk up and I joined the group effort.  Immediately, the car gained traction and was liberated from the ditch.  My friends marveled at my "strength" and I quite enjoyed the reputation this generated for a short while.  Obviously, the car was on the verge of getting out and only needed a small, additional effort.  My hopes are that this Wings Like Eagles ministry will provide that small, additional effort and that effort will lead to liberation of the Lakota people from current conditions.

     Everyone should pursue what they are called to do.  I pray that you are called to assist this ministry in some way so that, together we can reach out a hand to those in need.    

The Pine Ridge 25
In the summer of 2009, (25) “missionaries” traveled to Pine Ridge from Louisville, KY to serve the Lakota people through the YouthWorks organization. This was our indoctrination trip in that it exposed the extensive needs of this area to us and, subsequently, launched this Wings Like Eagles ministry. 
The following now serve as Honorary Trustees for this Ministry:

Shelby Bohannon     Eli Brinley     Nathan Brinley    

Allison Clark     Brett Cox     Mackenzie Cox    

Janice Curry      Lori Curry-Roller       Kelsey Egan   

Hannah Givens    Cassidy Harral   Cody Hazelwood 

Megan Howard     Wesley Jetton     Corey Kimbley    

Barry Morris     Caleigh Morris     Faith Morris     Laura Morris    

Moraa Onchonga     Josh Roberson     Ray Roberson    

Aimee Shackleford     Zach Thurston    

Shannon Whittenberg

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