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2012 Crazy Horse Ride


Click on the link below to watch a YouTube video explaining the ride and its purpose 

The 15th annual Crazy Horse Ride  took place again from June 3 – 7, 2012, starting from Fort Robinson, Nebraska.  The purpose of this ride includes 3 main factors:

  1. To honor Crazy Horse, what he stood for, and the surrounding historical area.  Crazy Horse, or “Ta Sunke Witko” is taken very seriously in Lakota country.
  2. To honor all Veterans, who are today’s representatives of warriors like Crazy Horse.  These warriors can lead the people through tough times and teach our youth to persevere.
  3. Most importantly, to honor our youth, the future generation of the Lakota people. 

A potential Fourth purpose of the ride would be the Unity within all of the communities involved.  This Ride has been a cultural bridge for friendships and brotherhoods.  It has a way of bringing back the old Lakota ways for the people as participants are once again on horseback, camping, and learning traditional ways throughout the journey. 

The Ride will again follow the portion of U.S. Highway 20 from Fort Robinson to Hay Springs, dedicated in 2011 as the Crazy Horse Memorial Highway.  The highway, much like the annual horseback ride, commemorates the revered Oglala Sioux war chief, who was a leader of men in many battles before he died at Fort Robinson on September 5, 1877.


Charles “Bamm” Brewer, Oglala Lakota, has been instrumental in sponsoring these yearly rides and has referred to this opportunity as “…the biggest horseback journey in the Great Plains region of Nebraska and South Dakota”.  Nearly 200 riders of all ages are expected to participate again this year.  In the past, the ride has been supported by and given guidance by the Grey Eagles society of Lakota Elders, the Red Feather Society of wounded Veterans, State Park superintendants, Iraqi War Veterans, and the Governor of Nebraska.  The Ride has included guests from all over the world including Germany, New York, and Chicago.   


The Ride travels the last trail of Crazy Horse, in a reversed direction.  It typically begins at the Fort Robinson’s parade grounds with a dedication ceremony, including the smudging of horses and riders.  The first day of riding will involve nearly 30 miles.  The second day will take the riders to the Beaver Valley/Crazy Horse camp, north of Hay Springs.  This area holds special significance for the Oglala, as it is rumored that after his death at Fort Robinson, Crazy Horse’s parents took his body to the Beaver Valley area and buried him there.  Subsequent days of riding will take the riders to a very fitting final stop, in Pine Ridge, South Dakota on the Oglala Lakota Reservation, where the riders will attend the All Veterans Powwow. 

Many sponsors are needed to facilitate this event, including Ride Scouts, who prepare the way by setting up camps, collecting wood, talking to cooks who are the true life line of the entire ride, participating in Logo design and T-shirts, hauling water, hauling horses, making sure all the gear and tack is good for all the kids, and then making sure we have water at each camp for over 200 riders and horses.  Other needed efforts include meeting officials, meeting land owners, acting as cooks, hauling horses to Ft. Robinson, and meal preparation.  Most meals are traditionally prepared, which means that a buffalo is harvested. The buffalo harvest happens in the late winter or spring. Long before the ride dates are even decided and set, we are harvesting the meat for the ride.

If you are ready to be a contributing partner for next year's Crazy Horse Ride, it's never too early to act.  No amount is too little and any help is appreciated.  You can donate by:

  1. Contacting Bamm Brewer, the 15-year organizer ~ Home phone 605-867-1119, or 605-441-8810, or email at
  2. Donating through this website by clicking on the “DONATE” button below and providing your donation via Credit Card or Paypal. 
  3. Donating through the mail with your personal check.  Make checks payable to Wings Like Eagles, inc.  PO Box 99505 Louisville, Kentucky 40269.  Please specify on the memo line that your donation is to be used for the Crazy Horse Ride. 

Wings Like Eagles is a full supporter of this Ride and 100% of ALL designated donations will be provided for use in sponsoring this ride. 

Donations made through Wings Like Eagles are 100% tax-deductible


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